Update May 16, 2004

There has been a delay as I’ve been looking for a concrete contractor who is willing to do a small job in springtime -- when the contractors are very busy. Now I believe I have found one, however, and I am building the 8-sided form of 1/2" plywood. This is half of the form, and the other half will be completed within a day or so. The two halves will not be attached until it is time to put the form into the excavation, however, so that it will be less difficult to handle. During this delay I have done no further work on the substructure, as adding siding and a door would make it too heavy to move easily. Those jobs will have to wait until the substructure is bolted to the concrete foundation.

This is the fixture I made to hold the form sections in place at the correct angle (22-1/2°) while I reinforce the outside of the form with 2x4’s. The fixture is a section of 2x6 cut at precisely the correct angle and with two notches to allow the Jacobson clamps to attach at right-angles to the form sections.
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