Upton Farm Observatory
August 27, 2008 • Renovations Nearing Completion. More Photos to Come.
After using the observatory for four years I had a pretty good idea of the changes I wanted to make. The most obvious one is the addition of a new main-entry door on the north side of the structure and the concomitant extension of the deck, which in turn required the installation of a railing, which offered the opportunity to replace the original decking material with new material, which...
The UFO Before
This is the previous entry. I made the door in my shop.
The New Door
Mahogany is my favorite wood for its beauty, the gentle way it ages, and its ease of working with
both machine and hand tools. It was the obvious choice for the interior door trim.
The door is a standard steel entry door except that it was custom-manufactured to my size
requirements—a rough opening 46" high by 34" wide. The door came primed. I sprayed several
coats of a premiun-grade urethane (oil-based) enamel with an HVLP sprayer.
The view from the west.
There will be more photos soon, accompanied by some explanatory narrative.
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