Update April 15, 2004

The nearly complete base. In this photo four sections are attached and three are dry-fitted -- thus the clamps. The target width across parallel sides was 78" and I achieved 78-1/32". Some of the cross-braces described below are visible in the rear section to the right and left of center. Also note the use of pressure-treated lumber for the sill plate and standard lumber for the remainder of the structure. Update 4/20: The base substructure has been completed.

Above: I couldn’t help myself. I’m a cabinetmaker, not a carpenter, and that’s why I opted for exterior-grade plywood splines glued with Titebond II, a moisture-resistant aliphatic resin, at each top and bottom joint. Strength? The spline joints are stronger than the 2x6's. For extra strength, however, I added two cross braces under each joint. Each brace is held in place by four heavy-duty deck screws. The braces will provide useful shelf space in the completed observatory.

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