Update October 17, 2004
Painting, Door, and Siding

The many crevices and shelves made it difficult to paint the interior, but Leona finished the interior painting in one day, October 11. The light neutral gray (Duron “Tram Gray”) looks very nice, and it will look even better with polished mahogany accents in certain places. Stay tuned for that.
October 17: Leona and I completed the siding installation today. The siding is T1-11 with 4-inch centers, installed horizontally rather than vertically. I installed the door and door hardware last week—though the door panels are not satisfactory, and will be replaced.
October 17: I believe that this is what is known as an “artist’s conception;” the siding is shown in approximately the color it will be painted (Duron “Ivory Tower”), but it is in fact white at the moment, covered by a coat of oil-based primer. Except for the decorative lattice to cover the foundation, this is pretty much what the completed observatory will look like.

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