Update October 9, 2004
Hurrah! Hurrah!

It was a dark and foggy morning. All the same, it was a big day in the annals of this project! Mr. Ray and two helpers showed up at 9:00 A.M., and my neighbor, Joe Butler, came over to help. The five of us lifted the dome onto the structure and then four of us entered the structure and carefully centered the dome.
Above right, l-r: unkown helper, me, Mr. Ray, unknown helper, Joe Butler.
I’m very lucky to have kind, helpful neighbors like Joe!
I bolted the dome ring to the structure. Then I spent some time adjusting the four casters that support the dome by means of a strong, circular aluminum flange that is attached to the dome and that rests on the four casters. Then I adjusted the four casters that press outward to position the dome laterally. Now that it’s adjusted, level, and fully supported, the dome can be rotated with the pressure of one finger.

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