Update August 11, 2004
The Foundation is Laid

Above: August 11, 2004: The very capable Mr. Clive Monnity, owner of CM Lawn Service, and crew, bore and dig the holes for the eight 6X6 posts.
Mr. Monnity checks the depth of the holes. The posts are 30" into the earth, but we made the holes 36" deep and placed gravel in the bottom of each hole for two purposes—to permit drainage of water away from the post bottoms and to permit precise adjustment of post height so that the foundation would be level. If a post was low we would lift it up a bit and jiggle it to allow more gravel to flow under it; if it was high we would tamp it gently. The foundation had to be installed in two sections because it was too heavy and too unwieldy to be handled in one piece.
Above: Mr. Monnity makes a final check for level.
Below: Ready for concrete.
And then came the rain, and the rain begat mud—after the concrete was in place.

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